CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility)


Our idea of CSR is to improve corporate value through practicing faithful and fair company operation.
We clarify the idea of “CSR” so that our employees can follow and act it in daily operation.


Guide lines for Corporate activities 企業行動指針

Customer Satisfaction
We will discover the unmet needs which are not satisfied in the market yet, and provide products and services which meets the needs. We will create a system to deliver packages in adequate quantity in timely manner, which is always near the customer who seeks for the suitable package.
We will conduct our business in accordancewith fair and clear corporate ethics.
Each employee will be educated with awareness of “humanity” and “contribution to society”.
Personal data from our customers will be firmly protected under supervision of our security team.
Product Responsibility
We produce high quality products with our original strength and resistance test.
We will continue to design products that our clients can use naturally with safe and comfort, and that will make their life more lively and convenient.
Consideration for Environment
Most of wrapping materials are made of petroleum, and the production and disposal waste of them has brought some environmental issues.
As a packaging manufacturer, each employee will be always aware of responsibility for protection of global environment and make eco-friendly products.
Effort to produce of eco-conscious materials
We can introduce various types of environmental-conscious bags such as biodegradable bags, less CO2 emission bags, and bags including plant-made substances.
We care for nature, and will cope with the environmental problems earnestly.


We, Morofuji Inc., produce and sell various original packages upon your request; such as polyethylene bags, eco-friendly shopping bags, paper bags, and other hand bags.